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Daniel Albrecht talks about Kitzbühel

Daniel Albrecht talks about Kitzbühel

Daniel Albrecht talks about…


I have travelled to Kitzbühel with a positive feeling, because I fortunately have no memories of the accident. My memory of Kitzbühel goes back to a few days before my accident. Everything was perfect then: the slope was in perfect condition, I was in perfect condition, my equipment was in perfect condition. I loved the racecourse and knew that I could be fast here.

the fall

Then the fall. I have no recollection of that anymore, I just know from the videos I have seen. I have since distanced myself somewhat from ski sport, although I still watch the races from home because I am still very emotionally connected with the whole thing. When I notice other athletes suffering from problems, see them fall – it hurts. Everyone invests so much, and many athletes suffer hard setbacks. In situations like these, I often wonder ‚how can so much energy be invested in something that is so precarious.‘

life as a skier

Nonetheless, if I were to go back in time, I would still do everything the same. The feelings, the experiences a skier goes through in such extreme situations – are difficult to find elsewhere in life. And I am grateful for that.

his favourites

Beat Feuz always features heavily on my favourite list for the upcoming races in Kitzbühel. There are a few corners and sections where he is simply fast. Being Swiss, it’s obvious that I will keep my fingers crossed for my compatriot. The relaxed attitude and great technique of the Austrians should also not be overlooked.

Daniel Albrecht is a former Swiss skier. He secured four victories in a total of 138 World Cup races. He crashed badly after the finish jump during the final training run at Kitzbühel on 22nd January 2009, suffered a traumatic brain injury and lost consciousness. He spent three weeks in a coma. He announced his retirement from the Alpine World Cup in 2013.

Photo © K.S.C.