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Mission Hahnenkamm for the 23rd Hunting Infantry

Mission Hahnenkamm for the 23rd Hunting Infantry

“The Streif isn’t an easy hill, but I can promise you this: you’ll have lots of fond memories of this experience by the time you go home!”

With these words, Chief of Piste Herbert Hauser welcomed the 23rd Hunting Infantry from Vorarlberg. At 7.30 am, just after daybreak, head of the Organizing Committee Michael Huber, as well as Chief of Piste Herbert Hauser and his deputy Mario Weinhandl greeted the 100 soldiers who had gathered at the foot of Mt. Hahnenkamm. The commanders of the 24th Hunting Infantry were summoned to Styria’s southern border, which is why, for the first time, their counterparts from Vorarlberg have taken on the responsibility of putting the last finishing touches to the Streif. Captain Zech is officer-in-charge and Hanspeter Elmerer from St. Johann will be the liaison officer.

100 Soldiers from the 23rd hunting infantry have been assigned to this particular mission, though 50 more men from Salzburg’s 2nd pioneer infantry are on stand-by, should extra support be required.
Photo © K.S.C.

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