HKR 2019

Bright, Brighter, Hahnenkamm: TRILUX as official lighting partner

Bright, Brighter, Hahnenkamm: TRILUX as official lighting partner

When night starts to fall, TRILUX lights up the darkness: from now on, the company is supporting the traditional Hahnenkamm Races as official lighting partner.

Custom made illumination and lighting control concepts set the stage for a perfect show throughout Kitzbühel Week. Modern LED and control techniques enable light displays that provide the perfect backdrop for all events and areas around the Hahnenkamm, whatever the time of day.

KITZ-RACE-Club also benefits from this partnership: „In Kitzbühel, we don’t just turn up the lights, we put on a show, and this way we can be sure to always have perfect lighting at the KITZ-RACE-Club”, explains Joachim Geiger, Director of Group Marketing und Managing Director at TRILUX.

Mirjam Hummel-Ortner from the WMP Marketing Agency is delighted with this collaboration: ”With Trilux, we have found the perfect lighting partner for the high demands placed by the Hahnenkamm Races: they are a leading international company with many years of tradition and expertise, as well as innovative lighting solutions and orchestration.”

It looks like the Hahnenkamm Races will be placed perfectly in the spotlight again this year.