HKR 2019

The Ganslern Slope


It is not only its steep passages that make the Ganslern one of the world’s most spectacular slalom slopes. Seven transitions on natural and undulous terrain challenge the world's best athletes every year anew.

“Maintaining rhythm whilst not losing speed presents a great challenge to the athletes in Kitzbühel“

...says Slalom Slope Chief, Stefan Lindner.

Work on preparing an optimum racecourse and fair conditions commenced on the Ganslern on Monday. Thanks to the excellent snow base, an abundance of new snow and impressive efforts by the Bergbahn AG Cable Car Co and a well-co-ordinated team, the Slope Chief can look forward to a racecourse that promises great things. While the second Downhill training takes place on the Streif, work on fine-tuning the slope for the Slalom on Sunday is well underway. 

Photo © K.S.C.