HKR 2018

Hahnenkamm Reception


Key figures from the world of ski sport were greeted today at the Hahnenkamm Reception, held in the Rasmus-Hof‘s Hermann Reisch Hall.

President of the Kitzbühel Ski Club Michael Huber, as well as ÖSV President Peter Schröcksnadel, conveyed warm words of welcome in the traditional restaurant at the foot of the Hahnenkamm. Schröcksnadel spoke of “The best public viewing that ever was”, referring to yesterday’s modified Super-G situation.

Guests were kept entertained with champagne and the Womens’ Downhill playing on a screen in the background, as their anticipation grew for the greatest skiing fest, all played out on the Rasmushof doorstep.

Photo © K.S.C.