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Hansi Hinterseer – Interview

Hansi Hinterseer – Interview

Mr. Hinterseer, have you actually taken time off to be here for the whole Hahnenkamm Week – to see every training run, every race?

H: ”Yes, that was my general idea. I’m always so interested in it all, I mean, it’s where I grew up. So far, I’ve accompanied the Hahnenkamm Week every year, with only a few exceptions.” LAUGHS

So, that means you’re a full-fledged part of the event?

H: LAUGHS. “Yes, I guess you could put it that way. I’ve seen many stars rise to fame here in Kitzbühel.“

And what sort of a feeling have you got for today’s race? Who are you rooting for?

H: “I’ll be rooting for everyone who comes down the Streif. To reach the finish line in one piece its the most important thing after all. I’m hoping for a good race, nice weather and that it’s a good advertisement for the sport. The athletes are the centre of attention: if they put on a good show, then the Hahnenkamm Races’ success is in safe hands.”

Photo © K.S.C.

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