HKR Kitzbühel

The perspective is ...


... actually very good -  the condition of the HKR race tracks Streif and Ganslern are in fantastic conditions right now, short before Christmas. A great snow cover from start to finish. Nothing seems to stand in the way of an exciting racing weekend in close to four weeks.

Unfortunately, it looks less good for the number of approved spectators on site. After the ban on standing spectators areas on 8. December and the outlook of a maximum of 4,000 personalized and assigned seats based on the 2G rule, the protective provisions for the population at events in Austria were again tightended: From 27. December, a maximum of 2,000 seats might be available on the basis of 3-stitch plus. This means that every spectator on site must be triple vaccinated and have an up-to-date PCR test. Or a maximum of 1,000 people based on 2G+. Further possible restrictions are expected for the beginning of January !

So everyone has to stay flexible in his expectations. A fifth wave of the virus disease is awaited in Central Europe next January. However, the Kitzbühel Ski Club as the organizer will continue to be optimistic in its old tradition and keep hopes for spectators up to the last possible minute. The new online ticket shop is just waiting for the starting signal, which can also be given at short notice and just before the training and racing days.

This still means a lot of patience from all Hahnenkamm  fans who want to be there live. In any case, happiness, health and good confidence for the New Year 2022,

Your K.S.C.

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