HKR 2022

The Streif is ready for the first training run


Nothing now stands in the way of Wednesday’s training session at 11.30 hrs. The Streif is race ready, the current weather forecast encouraging.

The Streif is in excellent condition only a few hours before the first training run on Wednesday at 11.30 hrs. The two centimetres of fresh snow in the upper sections of the track were cleared away on Tuesday morning with the help of soldiers from the Austrian Army, snow blowers and quads (with ploughs). Concerted efforts were required in the steepest sections - with shovels and crampons.

Only final installation works are still outstanding. Advertising banners will be erected and two large floodlights installed in the Gschöss section, so that any night-time slope preparation can be well illuminated. Chief of Race, Mario Mittermayer-Weinhandl, is in good spirits: “We are race ready, the racecourse conditions could hardly be any better." The ZAMG weather forecast predicts sunshine and cloudless skies for Wednesday. Temporary snow showers are to be expected on Thursday morning. The longer-term forecast ... we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Photo © KSC/alpinguin

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