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Dr. Klaus Winkler, Bürgermeister der Stadt Kitzbühel und Dr. Michael Huber, KSC Präsident und HKR-Chef (rechts)

12.05.2020 14:55 2
81st Hahnenkamm Races 2021: The city of Kitzbühel celebrates its 750th anniversary in 2021. A fitting occasion to dedicate the 81st Hahnenkamm Races official poster design to the celebration.

The poster is dedicated to the city of Kitzbühel
Hinterseer and Leitner: “We went everywhere”

21.02.2020 12:58
60 years ago, they won Olympic gold, silver and bronze. 665 athletes from 30 nations took part in the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley in the USA. South Africa celebrated its premiere at the...

Hinterseer and Leitner: “We went everywhere”
Peter Fill, 2017 - 4. Rang Hahnenkamm-Abfahrt

07.02.2020 13:29 8
Peter Fill from Kastelruth (South Tyrol) announced his retirement from active ski racing during the Hahnenkamm Week. The 37-year-old now wants to devote more time to his family.

The time has come for new goals
Audio-Ton und Radio wecken Emotionen

07.02.2020 08:04 2
The Hahnenkamm Races are held in the highest esteem in the world of winter sports, their acclaim ranking easily alongside that of other major sporting events including Wimbledon or Monaco. The Streif...

Radio broadcasts are emotive
Jeffrey Read wurde 2020 33. bei der Hahnenkamm-Abfahrt

06.02.2020 11:06 4
Ken Read, born in 1955, is a frequent guest in Hahnenkamm city. Not only does he drop by during Race Week, he also likes to visit Kitzbühel Ski Club in autumn. After his great successes - at a time...

Ken Read – proud of his sons
Patrick Russel freute sich über die Auszeichnung "Hahnenkamm Legend of the year 2020", links: HKR OK Chef Michael Huber

31.01.2020 08:05 8
The great Frenchman – Russel ”Legend of the Year“. In 2020, the honorary committee elected Frenchman Patrick Russel as "Legend of the Year 2020”. Russel, a likeable former ski racer who...

The Fédération Française de Ski Team
Who is the woman that won on the Streif in 1948?

30.01.2020 16:23 3
During the 80th anniversary of the Hahnenkamm Races, Lydia Fuchs-Gstrein was asked to step out from behind the scenes again, who was very surprised and deeply moved by the gesture. “I am very...

Who is the woman that won on the Streif in 1948?
Hiroyuki Aihara freute sich über den Hahnenkammstein mit Staketenzaun

29.01.2020 14:09 5
The Japanese ski racer was born on 5th June 1961. He competed in the World Cup for the first time at the tender age of 19 and retired from his ski racing career after a Downhill race in Furano...

Hiroyuki „Hiro“ Aihara - a former Japanes ski racer
Photo: Skiing History

29.01.2020 09:12
John Fry, einer der großen nordamerikanischen Skijournalisten, starb am Hahnenkamm-Freitag, 24. Jänner, zwei Tage nach seiner 90er Feier.

Ein großer Skijournalist
Ein Teil des Büroteams bei der Übergabe der Sacher Torte

29.01.2020 08:33 11
The 80th Hahnenkamm Races, the highlight of the World Cup season, are now over. Over 86,000 spectators on site and millions of TV viewers were in attendance - in Kitzbühel - where future legends...

It was a great sporting festival
Slalom Winners’ Perspective

26.01.2020 17:14
Today, the podium was complete for a change , with 1st, 2nd and 3rd places covered – and winning smiles all round: Daniel Yule, the Swiss man who can speak perfect English, emphasised at the press...

Slalom Winners’ Perspective
Photo © SPIESS

26.01.2020 16:44 3
It was a day full of high spirits and sensational results: after the young Norwegian, Lucas Braathen, surprised everyone by taking the lead in the first run, nervous tension about the outcome of the...

The Swiss Blitz in Kitz
1st Daniel Yule [Photo © AS-PHTOGRAPHY]

26.01.2020 14:55 4
An exciting Slalom came to an end with a Swiss triumph on Sunday: Daniel Yule won on the Ganslern Slope in front of a crowd of 18,000 spectators and secured his gold trophy in Kitzbühel. Two years...

Grand finale and Swiss victory: Yule triumphs in the Slalom
Total dedication for the benefit of the fans

26.01.2020 13:15 7
Once again this year, the Hahnenkamm Races offered an unrivalled spectacle that attracted thousands of people to Kitzbühel on race days. Ensuring their safety and well-being is a matter that has...

Total dedication for the benefit of the fans
Josef Greiderer and Hans Bachmann

26.01.2020 12:42
On your marks, get set, go! – Timekeeping in the Ski World Cup is not quite that easy, however. Josef Greiderer and Hans Bachmann can vouch for that. They have been official timekeepers on the...

The final proof
Photo © KLACHE

26.01.2020 11:47 8
Half-time at the Kitzbühel Slalom Classic: and results after the first run are more than impressive. With a late start number of 33, Lucas Braathen achieved the best time. The 19-year-old Norwegian...

Sensational lead in Kitzbühel: Norwegian Braathen ahead of Yule and Matt
Hahnenkamm Evening: Girl power, unsung heroes and a legendary trio

26.01.2020 09:30 3
As is custom, Kitzbühel Ski Club, host of the 80th Hahnenkamm Races, organised the traditional KSC-Hahnenkamm Evening at Rasmushof. Just like every year, the guest list was rife with famous names...

Hahnenkamm Evening: Girl power, unsung heroes and a legendary trio
Final spectacle on the Ganslern slope

26.01.2020 08:36 5
The Ganslern’s steep section isn’t the only aspect that makes it one of the most spectacular Slalom slopes in the world. Year after year, seven transitions on naturally varying terrain pose a...

Final spectacle on the Ganslern slope
The 80th Hahnenkamm Races: What happened 10 years ago?

26.01.2020 07:40
10-year anniversary of the Ganslern Alm and the Hahnenkamm Organizing Committee centre, as well as the third Super-G and Downhill double victory.

The 80th Hahnenkamm Races: What happened 10 years ago?
1. Matthias Mayer, 2. Kriechmayr / Feuz, 4. Johan Clarey

25.01.2020 19:51 5
Athletes were able to count on the support of the 50,000 fans who travelled to the 80th Hahnenkamm Races not only during the Downhill Race. They also created an incredible atmosphere at the evening...

ÖSV twofold triumph on the legendary Streif
Foto © K.S.C. / FH

25.01.2020 19:25 8
After yesterday’s second place in the Super-G, Matthias Mayer is wearing a huge grin all over again. The 29-year-old delivered a nigh-on faultless run and secured Downhill victory at the 80th...

Downhill winner Matthias Mayer: twofold triumph
KITZ-CHARITY-Trophy: 200,000 euros for mountain farmers in need

25.01.2020 17:15 13
KITZ-CHARITY-Trophy always takes place after the Downhill: this was also the case at the 80th Hahnenkamm Races. The charity event took place for the 23rd time after the sporting spectacle of the year.

KITZ-CHARITY-Trophy: 200,000 euros for mountain farmers in need
Peter Fill announces the end of his racing career

25.01.2020 16:30 3
Former Hahnenkamm Downhill winner, Peter Fill (37), confirms his retirement from alpine ski racing after his final race on the Streif...

Peter Fill announces the end of his racing career
Photo © SPIESS

25.01.2020 13:35 24
Matthias Mayer was feeling a little frustrated yesterday: the Austrian was a favourite for first place in the Super-G, but after an error at the start he “only” made it to second place. Today,...

After coming 2nd in the Super-G: Mayer crowned Downhill king

25.01.2020 13:20
Auch heuer wieder setzt die KITZ-CHARITY-Trophy ein Zeichen in Fragen Wohltätigkeit: Zum 23. Mal wird Bergbauern in Tirol und Südtirol, die in Not geraten sind, geholfen. Letztes Jahr konnte...

KITZ-CHARITY-Trophy 2020
The 80th Hahnenkamm Races: What happened 20 years ago?

25.01.2020 10:45
Slalom victory with start number 47, anniversary of the ”H-Fence“ and Super-G in the fixed programme for the very first time: All this happened at the Hahnenkamm Races 20 years ago.

The 80th Hahnenkamm Races: What happened 20 years ago?

25.01.2020 09:25 3
Yesterday’s Super-G offered spectators a thrilling show. Now it’s time for today‘s Downhill extravaganza: Mausefalle, Steilhang, Hausbergkante – key sections on the Streif, the greatest...

The stage is set for the Downhill Race on the Streif
Tickets, arrival routes & fan merchandise – Everything you need to know for Hahnenkamm week

25.01.2020 08:45 4
Just like every year, thousands upon thousands of ski fans will travel to Kitzbühel for the Hahnenkamm Races: In order enjoy the spectacle to its fullest, there are a few things to consider....

Tickets, arrival routes & fan merchandise – Everything you need to know for Hahnenkamm week
Live Audio / Radio

25.01.2020 08:30 4
The atmosphere on the racecourse can be experienced via the stadium announcer live stream. Not only are the races broadcast on this channel, but all live information from the finish area, as well...

Live Audio / Radio
Andreas Wilhelm

25.01.2020 07:55 3
Friday evening, just after 18:00 hrs: the start number draw for tomorrow’s Downhill has just ended. As athletes retreat to their quarters to relax, Andreas Wilhelm is just getting started:...

A strong number: the Downhill bib for the Hahnenkamm Races

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